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Welcome to the Chill Harbor

FoliXx lounge is a great spot to unwind and chill, with a welcoming ambience suited for pleasure calls and business retreats. Our choice location in the Lekki area overlooks the far-away metropolis, relaxing the senses. With a modern poolroom, private lounge areas and an airy terrace featuring amazing food and the best music playlists, it is no surprise that this is the Chill Harbor!

Pronounced ‘foe-licks’, we have one purpose: make you feel so much at home, that you “trowey home training” (Nigerian Pidgin).

At FoliXx, everyone is a VIP. So our menu is a delightful assortment of fine cuisine that will give you an absolutely sensual experience, available for delivery at your convenience. Our terrace and bar are perfect for deep conversation over food and drink, with relaxing settees that allow you a lofty overview of the entrance and grounds. As a treat, our playlists are carefully selected to feature the perfect mix for a total boogie down; whether for private events, parties, or romantic treats. Our Green Zone features an open roof terrace and luxury turf carpets to accompany a comfy sitting area and cigar tables- perfect for slow smokes and chats; all you need to chill.

But we’re not stopping there!

Our luxury story includes the Pool Room, a relaxation hub of wide screen TVs and sports channels, music and lush sofas; and yes, modern pool tables that are for only the brave!

Our private lounges will give you an exclusive experience in pleasure, best reserved for discreet rendezvous and private getaways. With the option of a private entrance, you enjoy your very own gallery of disco lights and sound cannons, with the DJ on call for all the grooves and jams to fuel a showdown. Flanked by private sitting areas and luxury sofas, wide screen TVs, excellent cuisine and the barman’s full service, pleasure lives here!


It is our deliberate intention to represent the standards of elite hospitality services in Nigeria.

Our grand purpose is to achieve global relevance among leaders in the hospitality guild, by unparalleled
culture and service. And that’s our vision at FoliXx.